Island Žut

Island Žut is with an area of ​​14.83 km square second largest island of the Kornati Islands. The length of coastline is 44.058 km. It lies between the island of Pašman and neighboring islands. The coast is highly developed and plunges into the sea.

There are also many bays - Podražanj, Papesa, Žešnja, Strunac, Hiljaca, Saruscica, Bizikovica, Pinizel, Bodovac and others. The highest peak is 155 meters above sea level.

According to the last census from 2011, there are four permanent residents. Most of the island is overgrown with maquis, although there are some fields with olive trees, fig trees and grape vines.

On the island there is a marina. On the hill hump, in September 2011th, officially is opened the church of St. Cross, whose construction began before World War II.

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