The entire archipelago of Zadar is characterized by a distinctly indented coast, making it a unique phenomenon of over a hundred islands and islets ...


Kornati Islands

The Kornati Islands archipelago stretches over an area of about 320 km2 and includes about 89 unforgettable islands, islets and reefs.

Separate landscape, picturesque cliffs and beautiful underwater, classifieds Kornati Islands as the most attractive parts of Croatian territory...


Sakarun beach

Sakarun, one of the top 10 beaches in Croatia, located on the northwest coast of the island.

Its reputation acquired whiteness of the sand and clean sea and surroundnes by pine forest that provides welcome shade at summer...

Plaža Sakarun
Otok Žut

Island Žut

Island Žut is with an area of ​​14.83 km square second largest island of the Kornati Islands. The length of coastline is 44.058 km.

It lies between the island of Pašman and neighboring islands. The coast is highly developed and plunges into the sea.


Nature park TELAŠĆICA

The Telašćica bay, after which the whole Nature Park got the name, is situated on the south-eastern part of the island Dugi otok.

It is retracted into the land about 8 km and on its south side is the widest part of about 1.6 km. That part of the bay which is turned towards the south-east, is open towards the neighbouring Kornati islands...


Park prirode Telašćica
Špilja Brabišćica

Brabišćica Cave

The wider area of the island Dugi otok around the Brbišćica bay is built of carbonate rocks formed hundred million years ago.

The rocks along the bay are the finding site of many tiny fossils invisible to the naked eye and also lots of fossils of large organisms...


When speaking about the 6000 year long existence of the Skradin area, historians endowed with wisdom search for the reasons of that continuity in its location and geo-strategic position.

History always looks for great and sensible reasons. However, the truth is often much simpler since people and everyday life ...


Podvodni ribolov


We organize spearfishing for our guests. Spearfishing is carried out in the presence of our experienced spearfishermans.

This tour allows you to not only enjoy the sun and sea but also to experience the magic of the underwater islands archipelago...

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