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Dentex & amberjack live bait trolling

Experience the fishing of most popular Adriatic predators (Dentex & Amberjack) with live bait trolling tehnique in the cleanest waters among offshore islands and reefs.
Fight with those big, strong and very delicious fish brings unforgettable experience!

Fishing a various delicious adriatic fish from the rocky bottom

Try out fishing sea bream, adriatic grooper (scorpion fish), gilthead sea bream, john dory (zeus faber), two bended sea bream and many more other interesting and very delicious fish on offshore reefs and cliffs.

Relaxing and very dynamic fishing where fish is biting all the time.


Seabass and leerfish trolling

Try adrenaline fishing on popular predators from the mudy shallows along the coast - sea bass and leerfish. Find out how aggressive and big fish without fear are visiting the shallow water and beach.

Leerfish can grow over 60 pounds (30 kg) and seabass over 30 pounds (15 kg).  It is possible to hunt them with either artificial or live baits with trolling tehnique.


Big game fishing tuna and swordfish – C & R

Experience the adrenaline fishing of biggest fish predators of the world – tuna & swordfish, using principle of Catch & Release.

It is possible to fight with the biggest fish on the world - fish larger than a man!


Fishing with vertical jigging, inchiku & kabura tehnique

Fishing  adriatic predators (dentex, amberjack, john dory, scoriponfish, red porgy, sting-fish, sea bass, grouper etc.) with vertical jigging, inchiku & kabura tehnique.

Very dynamic fishing on hot spot or in motion, which could cause many surprises and capital fish – catch of life!

Catching calamari (squid) & cuttlefish

Hunting on adriatic most exciting and delicious cephalopods - calamari (squid)  & cuttlefish  with various tehniques in motion and on hot spot.

Possible hunting during the day and night, with best and most exciting period around sunset when the squid are most active.


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